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Many women in India find it embarrassing or feel too shy while they buy women’s underwear in public and hence most of them pick up the first ones they see to avoid any awkwardness situation.

Choosing the right Panties takes time, hence when you shop Panties from our online lingerie store Girlsncurl you can browse through our wide selection and take your time to buy the perfect one for yourself which suits you.

At our panty online shopping India lingerie store, we offer multiple modes of payment like COD or online payments for a fuss-free shopping experience. We deliver you the best orders with discreet packaging when you buy women’s Panties online only from Girlsncurl.

Our exclusive range of panties online

Panties started as just providing coverage under clothing, but in today, panties come in all shapes and styles to match every outfit. Our online Panties collection varies from transparent panties to hipsters, from Briefs to Boy shorts and many more. At Girlsncurl, you can choose from over hundreds styles of women’s Panties online in various colors, prints, and designs.

Tips before buying your right panty

Be conscious about your size – Before you go for a panty shopping, measure your waist and hip. Every brand will have different size and they will change with the type. If the underwear is not appropriate for your body size, they look weird and uncomfortable.

What type – For daily wear use, you may buy hipsters, a brief of boy shorts. For special moments like marriage or honeymoon, you should go for lace or satin panty. Choose panty that suits your body type, style plus season.

Fabric – The fabric performs an important role in providing you the comfort. In fabric cotton and soft cotton remains cozy and pleasant throughout the entire season. Satin, silk and other synthetic fabrics are for trendy dresses and date night.

for panties All of the best Cotton is the best fabric to choose for everyday wear. This fabric works best for all Indian climates which is mostly hot & humid. In such weather conditions cotton panties work the best and they not only absorb moisture away but also maintain breathability. Moreover, the softness and stretch ability of cotton fabric make it extremely comfortable for regular use.

Color, design, and pattern– Instead of picking up nude colors and plain designs for daily usage, buy lovely prints and peppy colors.

Budget – For high-quality fabric and unique patterns, you should be ready to spend more. You may buy stylish panties on offer, as you can stock your drawer with more than 2 panties at a pocket-friendly price.

Perfectly complement your lingerie sets with our most affordable and comfortable range of panties. With fits and materials that are designed to truly feel like a second skin, you can choose from an assortment of styles and fabrics for every condition and be it comfortably lounging at home or heading out for a special occasion. We have got you covered.

The buying tips will help you shop hassle-free from our online site Girlsncurl. Enjoy your shopping panty online from our shopping site.

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